100% debt finance - Axcona Capital

100% debt finance can be provided to both infrastructure property with positive economic, social and environmental outcomes.

• However, a key condition of finance is that the project owner provides a cash bond/collateral equal to 20% of the total project value for a period of no less than 12 months.

• The 20% cash bond/collateral is 100% safe, is classed as “non-depleting” and remains in a trust account within a Tier 1 bank, with the owner also a co-signatory to the account.

• The cash bond/collateral is used to underwrite commitment of the applicant and also the veracity of the project. Hence, at the end of the project development period – usually 12 months – the cash collateral is returned to the owner of the funds or alternatively can be used to pay down the debt
facility – your choice.

• There is flexibility of terms and grace periods/payment holidays can be allowed for during construction and for initial production etc.

• There are no upfront fees, with highly competitive infrastructure interest rates.

• Only reserved for Axcona Capital Portfolio Companies. Terms & Conditions apply for one deal transactions.