Cash Bond - Axcona Capital

Acts as underlying collateral to pre-approved credit lines.

The Cash Bond will be used for a pre-approved lending structure in the form of a credit line where the cash bond solidly acts as underlying collateral to secure the credit line with the selected and approved lender.

The advantage of the Cash Bond lending structure is that it allows borrowers to receive a cash loan in a very short amount of time without any other financial aspects to wade through. By becoming a portfolio company at Axcona  and on the positive outcome of Axcona Capital Ltd. due diligence, compliance, and KYC procedure Axcona Capital Ltd. in essence, will be able to back the APPLICANT and streamline the process of loan approval/credit line approvals for current and future projects and favors the APPLICANT with high levels of cash to work with.  Axcona Cash Collateral (Cash Bond) out waves the default risks of traditional financial instruments such as BG’s, SBLC and centralizes the entire transaction procedure within one bank facility assuring no default risk for our clients. Due to a lien over assets, we also assure risk management towards our investors and lending partners.

Only reserved for Axcona Capital Portfolio Companies. Terms & Conditions apply for one deal transactions.